5 awesome things you will love this friday!

Here is our latest Friday finds installment which features ………

An account to follow: Marleigh (27 years)  on Instagram at @marleigh.alexandra. Follow her project at @spending_notes where she documents her spending via illustrations on Instagram! Read her interesting story here

Shopping : This one is for all the hardworking ladies. Zurii Cosmestics, Amina Design, and Vicky Lingerie bring you a special Ramadan offer for up to 50% at Dar es salaam free market from Saturday 16th to 20th June.

Place to Unwind: VINO Wine bar. If you are looking for a cool, trendy and a quiet place to enjoy some downtime this weekend, head over to VINO along road, Oysterbay, Dar es salaam.

Book: Sundays are perfect for turning off the tech and getting lost in a good book.  One chapter or two of a good book can really set you up for the week and inspire you to bring you a little closer to your goals.

Bill splitting app: You are with your friends at a restaurant, the waiter arrives with the bill and you begin dreading the discussion that follows of who pays what. (Well, it happened to me just last weekend!) It can be quiet embarrassing.

How many friendships become strained due to someone not paying her/his share of the bills? (Happens all the time!)

Well, the good news is you can solve this problem quite easily by using Splitwise. You have no idea how happy I was to discover this app. You can split all your expenses like groceries, repairs with your friends or roommates or use special version Plates by Splitwise to solve the awkwardness at the restaurants by keeping track of who picked up the check, the amount everyone owes send email reminders to settle debts.

Download this app from Apple Store or Play store for free and thank me later.

Enjoy your weekend!