My big secret to an organized & balanced workday in my small business.

As a creative individual, I struggled a lot to make progress towards my big goals and desires. I was overwhelmed, easily distracted that I failed to put any of my plans into action.

Anyone who knows me will know that I like to scribble down ideas/tasks/ reminders and take notes whenever idea pops up and I will have like a lot of notes lying around. However, as a result my ideas got lost so many times and I couldn’t get clarity.

So what keeps me stay sane in the midst off all this madness?. Enter my favorite tool, My Biz Daily. This  amazing productivity worksheet is designed to make your priorities for the day clear with a mix of business and life tasks.

While this worked and I was getting a lot of things of my list, I knew I needed a work and life balance. So, I created My Biz Daily to help me better organize my workday with things like  to do  lists, blog posts, capturing new ideas, tracking my water intake etc.

Sharing is caring, Print off enough sheets for the month, or the entire year and see how much work you get done.
You can find this and so much more in the Creative Library and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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PS. Which methods do you use to stay organised in your work? Share in the comments below.